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Rice’s Miracle Cross Garden

For nearly half a mile along both sides of a secondary road near Prattville, Alabama, you can see thousands of signs, crosses, wrecked cars, and mailboxes festooned with barbed wire. These forbidding and obsessive emblems are bad enough, but each of them bears a sign with such forthright messages as “Everyone in hell from SEX USED WRONG WAY” and “Hypocrite You Will Die”). This is the work of William C. Rice, who calls it the Miracle Cross Garden. As Rice explains it, the Lord told him to do it in 1976, and when some of his neighbors complain that it is an eyesore that lowers property values, the Reverend claims he is only doing God’s work. The insides of W.C. Rice’s house and chapel are decorated the same way. Now approaching seventy, Rice continues to work on his Cross Garden and to tell visitors of the divine inspiration that led to its creation, reminding them that “Hell is Hot, Hot, Hot!”

Alabama’s House of Crosses

In Autauga County, Alabama, there is the house of crosses. It looks really weird when you ride by. The story is the man lost his wife and son in a horrific car accident and every day since the day of their death, he has put up a cross for each of them.  Now it has been years, so when you ride up there are crosses everywhere. –Christie

Photos © Ted Degener

Weird Alabama

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