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Window Rock

A sacred site, Window Rock marks the capital of the Navajo Nation. It shares its name with the city in which it's located, just this side of the New Mexico border in northeastern Arizona. The feature forms a sort of natural, 200-foot-tall, sandstone amphitheater, with a distinguishing, 47-foot "negative space" right in the middle. The Navajo call it Tségháhoodzání, or "the rock with the hole in it."


Legend says the astonishing formation was created by the wind as the world was coming into existence. The Navajo also believe it served as home to a giant serpent who used the gaping exit when hunting. He hasn't been seen for some time, but the threshold widened a bit further when a large chunk was knocked away just a few years ago, meaning the big snake may still pass this way on occasion … and he's getting bigger.


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