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Sad Spirit Roams Saguaro Boulevard

At first glance, Saguaro Boulevard in Fountain Hills seems a quiet residential street nestled in a peaceful desert suburb. Generously spaced adobe houses, landscaped by cacti and rock, line the curving road. It seems a pleasant, if isolated, neighborhood. But there are those who say that on Saguaro Boulevard, a horrid and unnatural secret lurks in the dark.

As the story goes, a young girl was kidnapped in the early 1980's, and her fate was a horrible one. They say that she was murdered and dismembered, her body parts found in one of the houses on this otherwise normal street.

As twilight descends, there have been those who claim to have seen the girl's sorrowful spirit lingering by the house where her life was stolen and her body desecrated. Sometimes the wraithful vision is accompanied by the awful sounds of sobbing and screams. She often appears to be in a state of terror as she tries to flee her inevitable fate.

Those who stop and try to help her say she disappears completely in a blink of the eye as they try to better see what is appearing before them. No one has ever claimed to be able to get close to this distressed and pitiable apparition. It is always the same: the phantom girl replays her horrible fate in front of those unlucky enough to catch a glimpse, and she always vanishes before the startled viewer can make sense of what they have seen.

So if you are ever driving along Saguaro Boulevard as the sun dips down behind the Arizona mountains, keep your eyes and ears well open, for you too may see the specter of the tragic murder victim who is said to haunt this road still, and possibly will for all eternity.  –Heather Shade


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