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It’s the most impressive tomb in Miami’s Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery but there are not many inscriptions on it, just the Great One’s name and on the steps his famous line “AWAY WE GO!” I expected to see a tomb in the shape of a flying saucer since Jackie was such a big UFO enthusiast. He even built a house in New York shaped like a flying saucer. Back in 1973 he claimed that his friend President Richard Nixon took him to see the preserved remains of space aliens at a secret facility on Homestead Air Force Base. According to the far-fetched story, the aliens were recovered from a crashed flying saucer back in 1953. After his death on June 24, 1987, Jackie Gleason’s huge collection of UFO books were given to the University of Miami’s library. With his extreme extraterrestrial interests, I know what you must be wondering, is Jackie Gleason really in that tomb…or was he abducted by Space Aliens?

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