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Greenbriar Light Road

The real name for this road is just “Greenbriar Road” and it runs east of Switzerland, Florida. Yep, that’s really the name of this peaceful little hamlet in St. Johns County but don’t expect to see any Alps in this Switzerland. On Greenbriar Road there is a light that chases cars. The light looks like the headlight of a motorcycle and according to reports it seems attracted to cars. It usually follows behind a car about three hundred feet. Although the mysterious ball of light never passes a car it has been known to sit attached to the top of a vehicle until reaching a certain point on the road where it vanishes.

In 1987 the light grabbed the interest of several science experts who went there to figure out what it was. In the same year the St. Johns County Sheriff Department also investigated reports about the weird light.

None of the investigations could come up with an explanation for the light. It is not an area that would normally produce swamp gas as in other cases involving ghost light phenomenon. According to folklore, the light is supposed to be the headlight of a phantom motorcyclist. There was a young motorcyclist who was racing on the road one night. He lost control of his bike and was decapitated by a guy wire supporting a telephone pole.

Greenbriar Road is mentioned in a couple of books about ghosts, but most of the information is incorrect about this road. One book claimed the road is a dirt road that is three miles long and the other book got the entire location wrong. I went there to check out Greenbriar Road and was a little disappointed at what I discovered. First the road was not in the location as described in other books, nor was it a three mile dirt road. It is a fairly heavy traveled asphalt road that is certainly longer than three miles. Since I visited the road during the daytime I did not have any encounters with a ball of light although others claim to have encountered the weird phenomenon.

Repeated Encounters with the Light
Greenbriar Light is been around for who knows how long. That was a wide sand road several years ago and everybody knew about the strange light out there so we went there to see if we could see it. We did see it but at first thought it was a one-eyed car coming down the road. It did not move toward us very fast. We were facing it and it kind of came up about a tenth of a mile in front of our car and just sit there like wavering or hovering over the road. We were facing east and we turned around in the middle of the road still watching the glowing light and when we started driving toward the west we looked behind us and the light was following our car. Just before we got to the end of Greenbriar Road it disappeared. We turned around and went back to see if we could see the light again and sure enough it popped up way down the road and again came to about a tenth of a mile in front and hovered again. We repeated this four times and each time the light did the same thing. We tried to figure out what it was but we have no idea of what it was. It looked about the size of a basketball and glowed pretty bright, not hazy or faint but a very bright whitish glow. –Paul R.

Light Comes Out of Nowhere
There is a road in St. Johns County that runs off Road 13 between Fruit Cove and a place called Switzerland that is called Greenbriar Road. There is a ghost light on this road that appears out of nowhere and it will follow your car. I saw this light with my friend Frank who told me about it. It is supposed to be the ghost of a guy that was killed while riding his bike on the road and the light is the headlight of his bike. –Jason

Was Told to Leave the Area
Me and three other dudes went to Greenbriar Road to check out that light that chases cars. We were sitting there in the dark on the side of the road waiting to see it and after being there about thirty minutes we saw not one but two lights coming at us. It turned out to be a deputy sheriff who stopped and asked us what we were doing sitting there in the dark on the side of the road. We told him we were looking for a ghost light. He thought we were crazy and ordered us to move on. So if you go there beware that the cops will tell you to leave. –Jim S.

Phantom Motorcyclist
A few years ago I went to see Greenbriar Road at night with three of my friends. We had heard the stories about that light that people see and we wanted to see it. We drove up and down the road for like forty-minutes trying to see something but never saw anything until we got ready to leave. My friend Tom was driving and he looked in the rear view mirror and said what is that? We looked behind us and there was the headlight of a motorcycle coming up fast. We slowed down a little and thought that the biker would pass us but then just as it got right behind us about a hundred feet the light went out. There was no motorcycle or anything. We turned around and went back but didn’t see anything. I really think we saw a ghost biker of that guy that was killed on his motorcycle on that road. –Todd M.

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