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Magnolia Creek Lane

This is a narrow road fit for one car at a time several miles south of Montverde on the west side of Lake Apopka. It is partially paved and goes through a heavily wooded area. According to tradition, the road is haunted by 200 passengers who were killed in a major train wreck. While the road does appear to be possibly built on an old railroad bed, the only documented railroad ran slightly north of this location. I have found no proof that a train wreck ever occurred anywhere near this road and even if it had, I doubt that it would have been a passenger train. Still there’s a legend being passed around about how strange noises come from the woods.

Ghostly Noises in the Woods
Magnolia Creek Lane in Lake County is where all kinds of horrible things happened back in the 1890s, which accounts for all the stories I personally heard from people who told me about frightening noises back in the woods along this road that can’t be explained. I went there but there’s a lot of new houses built in the woods there now so it’s not as wild as it used to be but it’s still has a thick forest of oaks. –Brian

Wrecked Souls Still Haunt the Woods
The Magnolia Creek road is where a railroad used to be. This was way back when there were steam engines so I don’t really know what year it was anyway there was a big train wreck that happened on this railroad that killed two hundred people. It was the biggest train wreck in Florida and their souls still haunt the wooded areas where the old rails used to be. I think you can find something about the wreck in Winter Garden railroad museum. –big-potato

You Can Hear Screams
There’s a creek that runs to Lake Apopka and that’s where that train wreck happened. Along this creek you can hear screams. I went back in there years ago with a buddy and you can hear loud screams in the woods but when you try to get near them they move farther away. They say it’s screams from the train crew that died but it could be sound that is being reflected from some place else because there is a big lake near there and doesn’t water carry sound? –shooter

Shadows of People Walking the Road
My cousin went to Montverde Academy and heard about this road that runs off 455 that used to be a railroad bed and they say that if you go down there at night you can hear ghostly sounds and see eerie shadows of people walking on the road. I don’t know for sure about this because I never went there so it is just what I heard. –Michele1979

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