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Rolling Acres Road

This road crosses Highway 441 in Lady Lake and if you turn east on it you will be disappointed because it runs through a populated area of residences and businesses. The scene is a little different in the other direction where the road goes up and down rolling hills and eventually runs through a wooded section just before crossing a main road and coming to a dead end. In talking with a local man I learned that forty years ago the road was unpaved. I asked if he had ever heard any stories about the road being haunted. He had heard "Halloween Yarns"about ghosts on the road and strange noises in the woods.

Terrifying Sounds
In Lady Lake there is a haunted road, called Rolling Hills Road [sic] or something like that where a ghost lady walks the road at night and terrifying sounds come out of the woods. The story is that her name is Julie and she was murdered by a jealous lover after she decided to marry another man, now she walks the road at night. –Michele1979

Woman Dressed in White
Oh yeah it is true about Rolling Acres Road because we went there to check it out but don’t go to the east end you have to go to the west end or it may be the south end of the road anyway the part that is west of highway 441 where there are not many houses. You won’t hear anything unless you park your car and turn off the engine then roll down your windows and you can hear sounds like banshees in the woods. I used to live in Fruitland Park and I know a bunch of kids that had unusual experiences on that road. One dude went out there and said that they seen a woman dressed in white or glowing and it was like you could see through her. –Tim

Car Mysteriously Stalls
I think this is a real old legend but on Rolling Acres Road in Lady Lake you can hear very loud roars coming from the woods and there’s a bright light in the shape of a woman that can be seen there. The ghost that haunts this road is a murdered woman named Julia. All I know is that our ghost group went there to check it out and the car we were in stalled, I mean it just stop running. We were sitting in the dark and it took better than ten minutes to get it cranked. Talk about scared, we didn’t see any ghosts but I’m still mystified about the car stalling because it ran just fine and we had no problem after that. I think it had something to do with that road. –ghostbusters

The Black Hooded Shadow Guy
My boyfriend told me about Rolling Hills Road [sic] so I said for him to take me there so we could see for ourselves if there’s anything to it. It is a hard surface road that goes up and down a few steep hills but near the end there are some pastures and woods and this is where we saw a something or somebody dressed in black with a hood that looked like the Grim Reaper standing on the side of the road. This was at night so we didn’t stop to ask who he was but we drove past and turned around at the dead end and when we came back that black shadow guy was gone. He had to either vanish or hide in the woods. –Melanie N.

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