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World's Most Unusual Monument

In Kissimmee is where you’ll find what is locally billed as the World’s Most Unusual Monument, a 50 foot high, irregular quadrilateral pyramid…whatever that is. It’s called the “Monument of the States” and its 21 tiers contain 1500 stones and rocks from every state and 22 countries. The tall monument topped off by a 562 pound concrete eagle, was a project of the All-States Tourist Club of Kissimmee and was dedicated by the governor on March 28, 1943. The estimated weight of the monument is 60,000 pounds, much of it in cement donated by local citizens. But wait, there are more than rocks stuck in this weird monument, upon close inspection you’ll see a meteorite, a cannon ball from Michigan, buffalo horns from Montana, petrified wood from Arizona, a rock from the Sahara desert, a human skull, glacier eggs, a petrified apple from Wisconsin, and a map of Holland.

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