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Hobo Convention – Second Week of August

The classic image of the hobo is a lone wanderer riding the rails, looking for adventure. But it seems as though hobos have a much more social side than any of us imagined. This is proved every August during the annual Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. Here, hobos congregate in one of their most beloved railway towns, to touch base, share information on how routes are shaping up and which railyards have the most aggressive bulls, and most curiously, to nominate the Hobo King and Hobo Queen for the upcoming year.



Hobos and outsiders alike also like to stop by to see Britt’s Hobo Museum and Hobo Cemetery, where they can learn about their past and pay respect to legendary hobos of days gone by.  This August, if you’re clamoring for something to do, why not hop a freight and make your way out to Britt, Iowa? Other rail riders will be there waiting for you.

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