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The Strange Stones of Rock City

If one is looking for rock, where would one head? Maybe to Cleveland, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Maybe to Detroit Rock City. But if one’s really looking to rock, they need to get to Minneapolis, Kansas. For Minneapolis is the location of Rock City, a 200 acre area that is home to some of the most impressive rocks in the entire world.


The rocks of Rock City are called concretions. They are sandstone structures, some as large as houses. There are 200 of them spread out over the acreage of Rock City. They were formed when underground waters laden with minerals interacted with loose sandstone on the surface. As natural erosion occurred, giant spheres of bizarre looking stones emerged, giving the landscape as surreal and otherworldly appearance.

Fields of concretions can be found scattered throughout the world, but there are none so large as those of Rock City, Kansas.

Weird Kansas

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