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Beardslee Castle

Anyone who fancies themselves a ghost hunter in the state of New York should make a visit to the Beardslee Castle one of their top priorities. I have heard of and have seen many so-called haunted places in my travels around this wonderful state of ours. I have to say that Beardslee is both one of the most fascinating and one of the most authentic that I have personally come across.

The oldest stories told of the ghosts who inhabit the Beardslee Manor, which is also known as the Beardslee Castle, involve a group of Indians. At

one time, a farmhouse stood on the land Beardslee currently occupies. Beneath the buildings on the property was a tunnel that housed a large amount of ammunition. Local Indians found out about the secret stash and broke into the tunnel in an attempt to steal it. Unfortunately, during their nighttime raid, the underground stores of gunpowder were ignited, causing a massive explosion that killed the entire Indian band. Supposedly, the tunnel entrance can still be seen in the basement of the Beardslee Manor.

Since the night of that bloody explosion, people have reported unearthly hauntings troubling this land. The Beardslee Manor has been many things in its history––a private home, abandoned, and now is a restaurant. Employees have heard voices, seen lights and shadows moving about after hours, have heard footsteps, and have encountered many floating lights––most famously a red orb that follows cars along roads that ride past the Manor. A strange scream sometimes disrupts peoples’ meals, and a number of ghosts are periodically seen in the building.

Not all of the ghost stories associated with Beardslee Manor relate to the Indian raiding party that died in the catacombs beneath it. The majority of them deal with the ghosts of the Beardslee family themselves. Captain Beardslee built the manor as a home for his family, and lived there until his death in 1939. It was an incredible estate, and even included its own train station for the family’s transportation purposes. Members of the Beardslee family were buried in a mausoleum on the property. This mausoleum has long been rumored to be an incredibly haunted place. The mausoleum was desecrated in the 1960s when one of the coffins was removed and opened up and left outdoors. A Little Falls resident was later arrested after he was found in possession of a skull of one of the members of the

Beardslee family. This is thought to have contributed to the restlessness of the spirits who seem to call the mausoleum home.

Many folks say that Captain Beardslee himself haunts the area surrounding his former home. Many people report seeing the ghost of a man wandering the grounds of Beardslee Manor carrying a bright lantern. They say that he is searching for his son, who died a tragic death, having been hit by a train. The ghost’s lantern has distracted motorists for decades, causing car accidents along route 5. It’s thought that this man is the Captain himself.

Another former owner of the Manor purportedly haunts its halls as well. Anton Christensen bought the building in the early 1940s along with his wife and opened it as a restaurant. Later, he committed suicide by hanging in an upstairs area. His ghost has been seen roaming the corner where he chose to kill himself by a number of employees.

Beardslee Manor has been a popular destination for those looking for scares since the 1950s. Hundreds of people have had paranormal experiences there––it is easily one of the greatest haunted places in the entire state of New York. It is located on Route 5 in Little Falls.  –Jerry Mallis

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