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The Bloody Bride of 13 Curves Road

Over sixty years ago, a brutal, terrifying car accident occurred on Cedarvale Road, in Onondonga, New York, just ten miles southwest of Syracuse. Since that fateful day some six decades ago, it has been said that the road, which is known better by its nickname, “13 Curves,” has been haunted by the souls of those who died in this tragic accident.

There are a variety of legends that explain how this road and its ominous curves have come to be haunted. All of the stories involve the untimely death of recently married young people.

The most popular legend says that the car accident involved a newly married couple, who were negotiating the road on their wedding night. While coming around one of the thirteen curves of Cedarvale Road, the car veered out of control, off

of the road, and into a nearby creek. The impact killed the bride and groom instantly. Since that day, travelers on Cedarvale Road have seen the ghostly image of a bride with glowing eyes, who is sometimes covered in blood, and who is sometimes carrying a glowing orange lantern, wandering the curves of the road. In some instances, the bride simply stands on the hills along the road, or walks along its shoulder. At other times, she seems more vindictive, leaping towards cars, causing their unsuspecting drivers to crash their vehicles.

There are other variations on the legend, all which follow the same general theme––and all which tell of a lonely ghost bride who claims the 13 Curves as her stomping grounds. Some stories say that the couple was riding in a horse drawn carriage as opposed to a car. Some say only the groom died in the accident, and this is why the bride returns time and time again––she is searching for her deceased lover. Others say that the accident occurred on a Friday the 13th, and that the bride appears every time the calendar falls upon a subsequent Friday the 13th. Still others say that the bride only appears on Halloween night around midnight.

Some who have encountered the phantasmal bride say that she has physically entered their cars. While driving along the 13 Curves, drivers are stunned to look in their rear view mirrors to see the ghostly lady, dressed in white and usually splattered with blood, sitting in the back seats of their vehicle. By the time they turn around, she has mysteriously vanished.

It has been a long time tradition in the Syracuse area to travel to the dark, twisting road known as 13 Curves on Halloween. Young and old alike have taken nighttime trips around the precarious curved thoroughfare over the years––and dozens have reported encounters with the ghostly bride in white.

Many local newspapers have reported the tales of 13 Curves. In 2000, the Associated Press ran an article on the ghost encounters that have taken place along the road. Local resident Angie Styb, who claims to have seen the bloody bride, was quoted in that article as saying "It was exciting, shocking, exhilarating––and a little frightening. I know it was real.”

The 13 Curves are a dark, mysterious place fraught with danger. Beware when driving along them––the bloody bride who calls this place home stands as a warning to those who aren’t careful.

13 Curves Doesn’t Disappoint!

Growing up in Syracuse, there are a lot of stories about a lot of different places. I spent my childhood exploring many of these places, and became something of a cynic pretty fast. I found that many of them didn’t live up to the hype, and I would start my night out with high hopes and pumped full of adrenaline, and would turn out being nothing more than disappointed. There’s one place though, that I’ve heard stories about forever, that did not let me down. It’s a few miles outside of Syracuse, and it’s known as 13 Curves.

The road is really dark, windy, and desolate. When there are no other cars on the road, you really feel like you’re in the heart of darkness. I’ve taken many trips down the road, and something seems off about the place––even when nothing has happened. I have been forced into admitting that there is something just generally creepy going on there. Fortunately for me, things have happened beyond those general ill feelings––things that boggled even my very cynical mind.

Anyone who grows up in this area hears stories of the ghosts of the newlywed couple that frequently make appearances on 13 Curves. I certainly did. And from a young age, my uncle would take me and my cousins out there at night each year around Halloween. It always freaked us out, but we were little kids, so that’s to be expected.

When I got a bit older, I started driving out there on my own, not just around Halloween, and was amazed that even in my older, wiser years I still found 13 Curves to be pretty freaky. I kept an open mind to the place, and continued visiting.

One time, while home for Christmas break from college, I brought a friend down the road who had never been there before. She had heard the stories, but had somehow never gone. I thought this was a real shame, so we headed out to the road.

While making our way around the sixth curve, a dim glowing white shape appeared in the road ahead of us. It slowly made its way from the left side of the road to the right. When it got right in the middle of the road, it stopped and turned towards us. It was about the height of an average woman, but it was not very well defined––it was more of a staticy blur than a clear image. It did have a red glow up near where the head would approximately be on a human being.

I slowed the car to a near halt, amazed at what I was seeing. “Do you––“ I started to ask.

“Yeah, this is nuts,” my friend responded before I could even finish the question.

Just after our exchange, the shape darted to the right, off the side of the road, disappearing. We hightailed it out of there. My long held belief that 13 Curves was one of the few legitimately haunted spots in this area had been proven correct.  –Msmarymac

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