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Whisper Your Secrets at Grand Central Station

Manhattan’s Grand Central Station is one of the most bustling hubs of transportation in the state. It is the last place in which one would think to stand all the way across the room from someone to have a quiet conversation. But this is exactly what takes place there––Grand Central is home to a little known “Whispering Gallery.”

Just outside the station’s Oyster Bar is a domed area usually bustling with people. The noise is constant,

and the thought that one could whisper across the room seems ludicrous. But if two people stand facing pillars that are diagonally apart from each other, even the softest whisper into the wall will travel down the tiles of the room and can be heard quite clearly by the person on the receiving end.

The Whispering Gallery exists due to an architectural choice, and it had to be intentional. What is most puzzling about the Whispering Gallery isn’t how it works, but why it was included. Also, it seems strange that such a feature exists in Grand Central Station completely unpublicized. What purpose does it serve? Who thought it was necessary to be able to communicate through whispers in such a loud, busy, place?

New York City is the city that never sleeps, a city of noise. From trains to constant car horns to music pouring out of clubs onto the street, it can be hard to find a decent place for a quiet conversation. Who ever thought that the best place to go for a conversation of this type would be right in the middle of one of the entire world’s busiest centers of transportation? We applaud their attention to this weird little architectural detail. Stop by some day during rush hour and try it out for yourself!

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