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The Witch's Tower

The Lady of the Castle

I lived ten minutes away from the Castle and I was fascinated about seeing if all the rumors were true. The white-dressed women, the two kids––I was excited to find something. Unfortunately for me I didn't return home excited but rather the most scared I have ever been in my life.

Around 7PM my friend and I went up to the castle. It was still very light outside. We stayed for a while and nothing happened but we didn't really expect it to because it was light. My friend looked into the third window and saw something that looked like a shadow. I blew it off because at this time I didn't believe in ghosts but I was still very curious. I then looked in the crack in the cemented-in door and saw two green eyes staring back at me. It took a while to realize they were eyes but when I did I was pretty startled.  I still shook it off as nothing and we left to go kill time until dark. 

Witch’s Tower or Frankenstein’s Castle

Looming over the top of one of the fairways of Dayton's Community Golf Course is a giant stone tower. Perhaps due largely in part to the tower’s foreboding appearance, over the years it has been referred to by macabre monikers like Witch’s Tower and even Frankenstein’s Castle. And with names like that, you just know that there's got to be a ghost or two floating around.

So Who Built It, and Why?

Who built the tower is something that is still open to debate. But the popular belief is that it was built many years ago by local hero, John Patterson. For this reason, area residents not inclined to believe in the supernatural forego the spooky names and simply refer to the tower as Patterson Tower. As for why it was constructed, that's another enigma, although most believe it was designed to function as some sort of observation tower.

Their Bodies Left a Stain

It is said that for weeks afterwards, visitors could still see the charred outlines of the teenagers on the tower wall. Some say that it was out of respect for the dead that officials ordered metal plates secured to the tower’s openings, but others said it was simply to deter the curious. Either way, it didn't matter. Those wanting to catch a glimpse of the charred outlines simply pried the plates loose. Over time, though, visitors became less and less frequent. In fact, the tower may have faded into obscurity save for one thing; the ghosts.

The Sky Suddenly Turned Black

As for the ghosts that are said to haunt the tower, they were first reported after a tragic accident took place there in the 1960s. According to legend, a group of teenagers were enjoying themselves near the tower when a violent thunderstorm suddenly rolled in. The teenagers quickly ran for the tower, believing the solid stone it was constructed of would protect them. What they failed to notice was that the tower stairs came equipped with a long metal railing.

As the group quickly mounted the stairs, a sudden bolt of lightning struck a portion of the rail at the top of the tower. The metal rail allowed the electricity to race down the banister towards the teenagers. Two members of the group who were leaning against the handrail when the lightning struck were electrocuted and died almost instantly.

The Glowing Ghosts

Legend states that on dark and stormy nights, shadowy figures said to belong to the teenage victims are seen at the tower. It is said that if there is a sudden and violent bolt of lightning, the figures will illuminate and glow as if they have just been struck by lightning. After which, they will once again fade into nothingness…until the next storm.

Today, due largely to repeated acts of vandalism, "no trespassing" signs have been placed around the tower. Additionally, the entranceway and lower windows have been more permanently sealed. But that has done little to stop the popularity of the tower and its ghosts. Indeed, in recent years, new stories have begun circulating that claim a woman hanged herself in the tower. There is even a story that claims the real reason officials sealed off the edifice was because a young teenager decided to investigate it one night and in the darkness, fell to his death.

So is the tower haunted? It is hard to say with any certainty. While some report uneventful visits to the tower, others claim to have spotted darkened shapes moving about within this foreboding structure. Perhaps it is simply a case of being in the right place at the wrong time. Or maybe the spirits just quietly lay in wait for the next dark and stormy night in order to make their presence known again. 

White Lady Doesn’t Want Company

On the other side of the castle is a huge golf course. Our plan was to skip the road by going through the golf course and from the "safety" (as we thought) of the course we would watch the tower. We got onto the course and oddly enough there were weird patches of fog all over the place. We were getting close the castle when we saw an something approaching in the trees across the street. It was a white ball with a tail streaming behind it. It was going all through the trees and at the same time hundreds of flashes were going off around it. We looked at this for a good ten minutes in utter amazement. Then, all of a sudden, the white orb-looking thing grew into the full-bodied women right in front of out eyes! She had everything a human has, except legs. She was wearing a white dress. Not only did it turn into a full-bodied figure but it started to walk across the road toward us!

We ran and ran down the course and eventually came to a stop. We just had to go back. When we got back up to our original spot and we saw nothing. All of a sudden we began hearing laughter. Then the woman emerged from the woods about twenty feet away from us. I have never, EVER, been this scared in my life! We ran as hard as we could. The whole way out of the golf course there was this wall of fog with a black shadow in the middle walking towards us until we got the hell out of there.

It was the scariest thing I have ever seen and who knows what would have happened if we would have gotten into the castle but something was trying hard to keep us away. For anyone who is not a believer I recommend you go there and find out the hard way that this stuff is real. ­ –Letter via email

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