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Home Sweet Tank

A couple of my friends and I traveled over to Shawville, PA in Clearfield County (Exit 123), where my friend has a 100-acre farm. There are tons of crazy stories and weird happenings every single time we go there, but this one is worthy of your booke. We heard some stories from some of the locals about a fallout shelter built by a crazy hillbilly on the border of the Susquehanna River. We decided to go on a canoe trip to investigate a little further. We entered right next to the Shawville Power plant. While traveling down the river, on the right hand side we noticed what looked to be huge

"tubes" of sheet metal. After docking, we realized that they were actually 40-foot tanks from oil tankers. Through some bushes we saw the fallout shelter burrowed into the side of a mountain...Jackpot! 

We noticed there was a generator in front with fresh gas still inside. We slowly crept up to the entrance and tried to enter through the door. The door seemed to be locked from the inside. On the door there was a "peep hole" with a metal bar slid over it. While we were banging on the door and trying to pry the door open, all I could remember thinking was, “If that peep hole slides open and I see a crazy hillbilly, I'm not going to need the canoe, because I'm going to run over the top of the river to get back home.

We searched all around and found out that there were actually several tankers welded together. There were a few more entrances, but all the doors were locked. We climbed to the top of the shelter and discovered manhole covers that were also welded in, but could not be popped open. 

There were several smokestacks located on the top too, I guess to have the place heated, because there was some firewood near one of the entrances. I got to talk to a local person in Shawville, and he said the guy's name who built the shelter is Maynard, better known as “Crazy Maynard.” The entire area seemed to be really weird.  –Mike S.

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