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Downingtown’s Two Tunnels

Bucks County has its own terrifying tunnels, the Twin Tunnels on Downingtown’s Valley Creek Road. Some distance down the tunnels, vertical shafts ascend to the top of the hill, allowing air and light into the tunnels. It’s these shafts that people tell tales about. Many of them involve hangings. One story goes that in the late 1800s or early 1900s, a young woman was run out of town after giving birth out of wedlock. Ashamed and desperate, she went to the top of the hill and hanged herself. She was holding the baby when she dropped and when the rope ran out of slack, gravity took hold of the baby, who slipped from her fingers and fell to her

death in the tunnel below. They say that as you walk into the tunnel at night, you can sometimes hear the baby crying, or even see its ghostly apparition. Another story tells of a man who hanged himself down the shaft, and whose death rattle can be heard in the tunnels at night.

Wired for Sound

A wire runs between the two tunnels in Downingtown, and supposedly, a man hanged himself from them. The local legend goes that if you drive into one of the tunnels, turn off your lights, and roll down your windows, you can hear footsteps of someone splashing through the puddles in the tunnel, followed by the snap of a wire suddenly going taut.

The Case of the Two Tunnels

The tunnels in Downingtown were supposed to be the site of a particularly brutal murder. A biker gang apparently murdered a woman and chopped her up. They put the parts into a suitcase, which they left in the tunnel. You can see a sick picture spray-painted on the wall of the tunnel, showing a suitcase with an arm coming out of it and a speech bubble saying "Help me!" on it.

Night-time police line

When we were in high school we used to make trips to the tunnels every weekend. They were definitely creepy—pitch black and deathly quiet except for the sound of dripping water. We would all link arms and walk to the middle of the tunnel where the girl hung herself. –Nick Lombardo

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