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Goatman of White Rock Lake

Located in the northeast quadrant of Dallas is the beautiful suburban area of White Rock Lake. The northern part of the lake is now a state park while the southern area has been developed into lake front estates. Known not only for its beauty, largemouth bass and white crappie fishing, it is also known to have a creature stalking its shores.

I have asked several previous residents of the Dallas area if they ever heard of the Goatman of White Rock Lake. “Yes” is their reply. Stories abound that while picnicking on the banks of the lake during the dusk hours, a creature of half man, half goat appears out of the woods throwing trash and even tires at the visitors in attempts to drive them away.

It is described as a very large creature about 7 feet tall with the horns and hooves of a goat, but standing erect. The body and legs are that of man and the face is human-like. His skin has a jaundice appearance that is almost greenish and he has long gnarled fingers with grotesque fingernails.
There have been sightings of the Goatman as far south as Normangee, TX, which is over 140 miles from White Rock. People have reported seeing and hearing the creature in this rural area where there are no goat ranchers to account for the sounds.

Maybe this poor abomination of nature is trying to drive those away from his feeding grounds of local fish and game. He may be migrating further from his White Rock Lake home as development advances on the area’s natural habitat as is the case for many of Texas’ wild creatures. –Marlene Stevens

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