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Hell's Gate

Somewhere deep inside the tangled green depths of River Legacy Park, in Arlington, there is rumored to be a very old trail surrounded on either side by murky swamps and overhanging trees. This long dirt trail is said to end at a dirt mound––a spot where captured spies of the Union Army were executed. They call this place “Hell's Gate.”

It is said that if you can still find the spot you might see the remains of the gateposts where a gate once hung. This passage was supposedly one of the last things the prisoners ever saw, as they were led through it at the end of the trail to the tree where they would be hanged. Some believe that because of all the deaths that took place near the gate at the end of the trail, there are many tormented spirits still residing at Hell's Gate. They claim that if you walk the trail you can still hear the disembodied whispers, sobs, and prayers of the men and women who once walked their final steps to this awful place.

Armed only with these scant tales to go on, Weird TX when in search of Hell's Gate––the trail, the remains of the gate posts, anything.

But River Legacy Park covers acres and acres of area and we ended up frustrated in our efforts. We did talk to one park ranger who was familiar with the story, and said that there were some very old artifacts from that era, including pieces of cannons in different parts of the park, but she didn't know of any remains of any gateposts anywhere. Curses, foiled again.

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