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The Ghost Boy of Jake’s Bridge – Hutto

One night my best friend Holly and I were messing around in some haunted areas. I remember we drove out to Hutto, were there is this bridge in the middle of nowhere on a country road. It is known as Jack's Bridge. I am not sure of the story but people told me that it is haunted.

Holly and I were out there at two in the morning with nothing to do. We parked on the bridge and started taking pictures with her digital camera. She then got spooked because she said she saw a little boy, and she did not want to be there. I drove out of there a little scared myself...


We pulled in to the nearest gas station to view the pictures when she freaked out that there was this little boy in one of them. I was shocked! She said that later the next day she erased the pictures, because she did not want any haunted stuff on her camera or near her. I was mad at that. One day or night I plan on going back and doing it again.... not with Holly. She will not go back! –PinkandBrunette

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