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Screaming Bridge

They say it happened one dark night as a carload of excited teenagers were returning home from a high school football game, driving down an old country road just outside of Arlington's River Legacy Park. The kids were excited and distracted as they approached the narrow little bridge that ran across the Trinity River, and they did not see the car coming at them on the bridge from the other direction until it was too late to avoid disaster. There was a terrible head-on collision, with both vehicles exploding violently and plummeting off of the bridge and into the waters below. There were no survivors.

Since then, they have called it the Screaming Bridge. The road that it is on has long been closed off and the only way of reaching it is on foot through the park.

Local lore states that if you can find the Screaming Bridge and look into the water from its vantage, you will see eerie glowing tombstones in the water, one for each of the dead, with names and the date of the accident visible on each. They also say that if you dare to sit in the middle of the Screaming Bridge on the anniversary of the night the deadly accident occurred, at midnight a thick fog will rise up from the river and you can see phantom headlights speeding at each other from either end of the bridge, as the tragic events of that fateful night replay themselves to their violent conclusion.

Even though every single person we asked about the Screaming Bridge seemed to know about the legend, nobody knew exactly how to get there. It was almost as if Screaming Bridge didn't want to be found! But a park ranger did confirm its existence and that the road that led to it had long ago been closed down.

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