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Bragg Road’s Ghost Light

Dear Weird Texas:
I live just down the highway from the town of Saratoga, Texas. There is a phenomenon that has been happening here for generations that I think you’d be very interested in knowing about.

There is a road––a dark, unpaved road––outside of Saratoga that is pure legend in these parts. Some call it Ghost Road, but true locals refer to it as Bragg Road. I have heard many stories about why the road is haunted––the one I’ve heard the most is that a young bride was killed while walking on this road shortly after getting married.

The recent groom left the nearby hotel they were staying in and began wandering the woods with a lantern looking for his wife. He never found her, and he never came back. To this day people see his lantern roaming the woods.

Unlike most ghost stories, this one is unquestionably true. I have been down this road and can vouch for the existence of a light that appears on the road. It only happens at night, and only when you turn off your car’s lights. At this point, roughly 60% of the time, a white ball with blue edges will appear in the distance. It will come towards you. Going down the road towards it does not get you closer to it, however––it retreats when you approach it in car or on foot.

I have seen this light come within 30 feet of the car, then turn bright yellow and disappear. I have also seen it shoot straight into the sky. These could not have been car lights, or pranksters. It happens too consistently and with too many variables to be either of those things. I have absolutely no explanation for what I have witnessed. Seeing the lights on Bragg Road is one of those experiences that makes you question your grip on reality.

If you want to encounter a true mystery, and one that will erase skepticism from your mind (and quite possible scare the crap out of you) make your way to Bragg Road. –Doug St. Clair

I Have Seen the “Playful Ball of Light”

I have seen the light a few times. I don't feel like it's spooky, but it can be playful at times. The first time I saw it, it was coming from behind us, where the main road is. It was small and bright, so I passed it off as being headlights, except it stayed there for quite some time as we drove down the road. Of course it went away before it got close.

Shortly after that we saw it in front of us, but this time it was a dim glow, pale green in color, and about the size of a basketball. It came at us very fast and whizzed right over the hood and front windshield.

At the front windshield I would say it was about the size of a good size pumpkin and still a dim green misty glow, it didn't look like a lantern or anything. It stayed about 30 feet behind us after that, even when we got out to look at it. We walked towards it and it maintained its distance, and was approximately 10 feet off the ground.

We turned around at the end of the road and it flew back over us on the way out and stayed behind us the whole way back to the main road. That was my first trip. My last trip was made with a lot of friends in two cars we drove down the road all the way to the railroad tracks. We stopped and got out. We had flashlights and kept our car headlights on. It was a fairly clear night, and I brought along my camera. Only two pictures came out of the 24-exposure roll, and the two that came our have some strange mist floating about that I cannot remember being there. We say "Saratoga" when we refer to the road, we never knew the name of it. It is a very beautiful place to be, day or night, and I don't think there is anything to be afraid of, except a playful ball of light, and maybe another car coming up the road in the opposite direction of you. –Claire Adaway

Weird Texas


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