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Caution: Troll Bridge Ahead

Ohio’s incredible but true case of the “Trolls under the Bridge,” is a tale that still haunts many locals who first heard it from their parents who lived near the Ohio River Valley. The sighting occurred one day in March of 1955, early in the morning, at 4:00 AM near Branch Hill. Robert Hunnicutt, a businessman, was casually driving home when he saw three manlike “trolls” kneeling on the side of the road. They were about three feet tall, had gray skin, and seemed to be wearing tight-fitting gray clothes or had skin that appeared so. They had froglike faces, long slender arms, normal eyes, but no eyebrows. Oddly, they seemed to have lop-sided chests. .

One of the things held a dark object, which emitted blue flashes, between its raised arms. Hunnicutt tried to approach them but “must have lost consciousness,” he told law enforcement personnel, because he found himself driving to the police station without remembering what took place in the meantime. An FBI investigation followed and a guard was placed on the bridge. Clearly some weird things were going on in the region at the time

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