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Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Licking County and the largest municipal cemetery in central Ohio. Since its first interment in 1850, the cemetery has grown to a point where it now covers close to 133 acres. Veterans of virtually every conflict since WW I are buried here and over the years, literally thousands of families have chosen to make Cedar Hill their final resting place. And along the way, Cedar Hill managed to pick up a ghostly legend.  Or two.   


The Baby Faced Asylum Tombstone

Near the center of Cedar Hill Cemetery is a large tombstone with a 3-D image of a baby's face carved on it. According to legend, if you stare at the baby's face for a while and then turn away, when you look back at the tombstone, the baby will be looking in a different direction. So make sure you take one last glance over your shoulder when you're walking away from this tombstone. Because you never know who, or what, might be watching you.

It is said that near the Baby Face tombstone is an "asylum" and that if you put your ear to the locked door, you will hear muffled voices and screams from "tormented souls".

What people are calling "the asylum" is actually the burial crypt of the Baker family. The reason this crypt looks so strange is because the door is a thick rusty metal door, complete with a bank-like tumbler lock. The large Victorian angel statue sitting by the door certainly adds to the eeriness. However, no matter how many times we placed our ear to the door, we heard nothing emanating from inside. But perhaps that just meant no one was home on the days we chose to come calling. 

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