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Lick Road

Despite its name, Cincinnati’s Lick Road is not a fun road to travel on. It twists and turns its way through woods and past farmhouses before dropping you down a steep hill, where the road suddenly ends right at the border of Hamilton and Butler counties. There are signs posted stating that the area at the dead-end is a park, but it certainly doesn't look like the place for a nice Sunday stroll. But if you can shake off the overwhelming feeling of dread (and ignore the occasional gunshot blast from someone target practicing nearby), you just might be able to uncover a secret or two about the legends associated with this road.

You see, no one is really sure what happened here on Lick Road. But whatever it was, it wasn't pretty and it involved a woman named Amy.

Pity Poor Amy

Depending on the age of the person you ask, you will get one of three stories about what happened on Lick Road to cause it to become haunted. About the only thing the stories have in common is a woman named Amy meeting her violent, untimely demise.

The three most popular legends are:

On prom night, Amy and her boyfriend decided to park at the end of Lick Road for a little post-prom romance. Unfortunately, the evening ended with Amy being raped and killed inside the car by her boyfriend.

While Amy was out for a little moonlit stroll one evening, she was attacked by an unknown assailant (although in some versions, it's her stepfather). Amy attempted to escape by running into the woods at the end of Lick Road. But she barely made it to the woods before her assailant caught and killed her.

Amy was killed by yet another unknown assailant on nearby W. Kemper Road. The killer then dumped her body at the far end of Lick Road.

"Help Me"

Regardless of which version of the legend you hear, they all end with Amy's ghost haunting the end of Lick Road and the adjacent woods. How she chooses to do that again varies, but there are two popular ways, which are interchangeable with the above-mentioned legends. In one version, Amy's ghost simply floats through the woods and along the dead-end of Lick Road, occasionally crying out for help or simply screaming at the top of her lungs. But the creepier way she sometimes chooses to make contact involves her leaving you messages on your car.

It is said that if you park your car at the end of Lick Road, lock it, and then walk away, when you return to the car, not only will the car's windshield be fogged up, but the words "help me" will be written in the condensation…from the inside!

Lick Road – A Crybaby Bridge in the Making

As if Amy's tortured spirit hadn't suffered enough, another story has popped up recently that connects Amy with an old abandoned bridge located in the woods off Lick Road. The story says that if you stand in the middle of the bridge and shout, "Amy, I have your baby!" that her ghost will appear and chase after you. The reason why she does this is unclear, although some say Amy is angry at having been killed before she was able to have a child, so her ghost considers what you're shouting to be your way of mocking her. But there are a few people who say Amy's ghost comes after you because in life, Amy secretly gave birth to an illegitimate child that she killed by throwing it off the bridge. So her ghost comes after you because you know her secret. Keeping that in mind, we're betting it's only a matter of time before Amy's baby starts kicking up a fuss and the old bridge officially becomes known as a Crybaby Bridge.  Stay tuned!

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