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Rogues Hollow Crybaby Bridge

As far as Crybaby Bridges go, the one at Rogues Hollow takes the cake as having the most disjointed story about it. About the only aspect of the story that remains constant is that a young woman has a child out of wedlock. In some versions, sordid details are added such as the woman also being a witch or that the baby being the result of an affair with a married man. Regardless, in all versions, the woman throws the child from the bridge because she believes it will be taken away from her. If you want to hear the baby's ghost cry, you don't need to flash your lights, honk your horn, or even park on the bridge. Simply stand in the middle of the bridge on a dark night…and wait.

Rogue's Hollow's Crybaby Bridge is probably the most widespread legend of its kind in the entire state––and that's saying something in a state with dozens of variations on that theme. The woman who threw her unwanted baby over the edge (if she ever existed) is long dead. Today it's a nondescript footbridge over a small creek near the visitors' center, but odd things are still seen from time to time in the vicinity. The remorseful mother sometimes still weeps over the railing or wanders the roadways nearby.

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