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Longaberger Basket Company Headquarters – Newark

Corporate America isn’t always stodgy. The Longaberger Basket building was built in 1997 as the manufacturer’s headquarters at a cost of $30 million. The seven-story building is an exact replica of a Longaberger basket––over eight million of which are made each year and sold at Tupperware-esque home basket parties. Synthetic plaster was used to create the building’s curved basket weave exterior. The 75-foot handles are heated to prevent ice from forming and falling onto the roof, and a gold-plated Longaberger tag was even mounted to the side.The basket building, a replica 160 times the size of the company’s “Medium Market Basket,” was envisioned by David Longaberger (who in 1974 took over the company his father founded in 1936).

Apparently, Longaberger was unhappy with architects’ attempts to render suitable plans for the company headquarters, and he figured the high-quality design of a Longaberger basket would stand the test of time. The giant basket, home to 500 employees, was completed two years before David Longaberger’s death in 1999. 

Longaberger Homestead Basket – Frazeysburg

Located in the town of Frazeysburg, 17 miles east of Longaberger’s Newark corporate offices, the Longaberger Homestead includes exhibits, basket-making instruction, restaurants, gift shops, a golf course, and a manufacturing tour. It also features––what else––the World’s Largest Apple Basket, which is 20 feet tall. We’re not sure when they added the apples, but it was shortly after they decided to turn the main street of the homestead into this weird town-like place where all the buildings featured different ways you could display Longaberger baskets in your home. Our guess is the giant apples were to show how you could use them to display any giant baskets you might have lying around. 

Longaberger Basket – Downtown Dresden

Longaberger also created the world's largest actual basket, located in downtown Dresden. At 48 feet long, 11 feet wide, 23 feet high, it was made from ten hardwood maple trees and it took (giant?) Longaberger employees 2,000 hours to weave in 1980. It is a giant-sized model of their popular Longaberger Market Basket with two swinging handles. This is one basket you could put all of your eggs in and still have plenty of room left over!

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